Firsts in My Art World

This is my first time introducing myself on my first solo art website, in my first ever art blog. My name is Gianna Robinson, born Giana Born, changed to Gianna Scherer…ending up as Mrs. Robinson! I am a 51 year old mother of five grown children and lots of grandbabies. I work full-time, co-own and manage a family business and create landscape oil paintings in the beautiful valleys of Vermont. I also love to bake, garden, read, dance and write.

2020 has been a year of many firsts for me, in fact, I was accepted into the Rock River Artist’s group, I exhibited at the Guilford Welcome Center, I have my first solo art show hopefully still on for this August at the Crowell Art Gallery and I am looking at possibly working from home for a fourth month due to COVID 19.

Internally, I had to develop to a place where my artistic confidence allowed me to strive towards all of these goals. In 2016, my husband built my stand alone art studio and I began cranking out my favorite subjects; with oil on canvas; landscapes, snowscapes, waterscapes, birds, still life, Vermont structures, flowers, sunrises and sunsets. I finished about thirty paintings in 2019, an all time high, and have nineteen pieces finished so far in 2020. I have plenty of unfinished images, practices and play pieces that I fully intend on repurposing into “paintings with a past”. I have love and pride in the work I create and believe in its worth. For the first time I am going to celebrate me and my work by valuing it accordingly. Welcome to my world! I look forward to feedback and conversations!

If you are interested in any of my available works listed on my website, please email me at