June 11, 2020

I gravitate towards growing, evolving, nurturing, life giving images. As a Vermont artist I can play with nature's giving complexity where four distinct seasons deliver encore after encore. As a child, the woods, hills, fields and streams were my playground. As an adult, they still are, as well as being an emotional support, spiritual opener and creative muse.

Growing up in a commune in Williamsville, among many creatives, most importantly my mom, instilled in me how important art is in life and nurtured my natural ability and encouraged me to experience as much as I could. There was a potter next door where I would often create freely, painter role-models, authors, storytellers, photographers, musicians, chefs and actors.

After graduating highschool and a ten year hiatus, i.e. raising three young children while working full-time, I began taking back my life. Art feels like it increases my oxygen and hydration by one hundred and fifty percent. I attended life drawing sessions, community college art classes, River Gallery art classes, Smith college art classes and painted alongside my grandparents. Upon graduating from Smith college with a degree in Women’s Studies in 2006, I painted more often. Painting was an emotional, spiritual lifeline, outside of my 9-5 jobs, starting and maintaining a small business, children and volunteering. I knew the outdoors, especially in Vermont, as an endless, loving resource. Imagine if we could all bring that lusciousness inside? Wait, we can, with ART! I love to bring living, breathing, pulsing nature, inside. I relish being able to bring healthy and happy vibrations inside, where we must spend a considerable amount of time. I am proud to contribute health and happiness to the world — and the creation of such work becomes love for self and all.